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An Overview of the Farm

Cheney Farms sits on 5 improved acres in Washington State. The house, built in 1911, is one of the original farm houses in the area and judging by the surrounding land I assume the family grew mostly grain and raised livestock. In the 1950's a young family moved in and continued to farm the land. The tore down a 100 year old barn and build a garage and if you look at the timbers in the garage you can tell they were all hand milled and rough cut. In the 1970's a college professor moved in and started to raise Christmas trees, mostly fir, the trees are now overgrown and have created a quiet forest on the east end of the property. In 1993 a young, single, man bought the house and began a transformation. He immediately planted fruit trees, grapes, blackberries, lavender, and continued the cultivation of the tree farm. With the help of his family he created numerous raised garden beds and rotational beds that are still being used today. Completely irrigated from two live wells, I have almost completed an automated watering system so that I have more free time to tend to the newest of projects which you will learn about. Ariel view from previous owner