The greatest virtue of man is perhaps curiosity ~Anatole France~


Here Kitty Kitty (parental discretion advised)

Verbatim Transcription from text messages between myself and a tenant who lives in a house on the property.

Tenant- You don't own a cat, do you?
Me- No but I have seen it milling around the house. i believe it is lost but i know the humane society puts cats to sleep so i am hoping some one takes it in or it survives the winter.

Tenant - It didn't survive the winter... I found it this morning under your dryer vent. I already buried it though. Don't want raccoons around.

Me - Well now i feel terrible, thanks for burying the cat.

Tenant - Don't feel terrible... Strays always have a tough time this season.  At least we we know it was warm :)

I still feel bad about the cat because I had seen it before but I thought if it made it through the previous week, which was at or below zero, then it would be fine.  This was an incorrect assumption, as the text above denotes.  Be advised this was a stray cat and in no way demonstrates inhuman treatment of animals at Trees Company, it is more of a purging of guilt for not taking the stray to the humane society.