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Encyclopedia of Country Living

The inscription:

Purchased from the Spokane Library at lunch on 4-28-10, hoping to buy Cheney farm. Inscription added yesterday:

Bought the house on 6-7-10 If there ever was one resource for a person just starting out on a farm or wanting to know more about sustainability and homesteading this is the book.  Carla Emery has spent thirty years editing, printing new editions, speaking out and not settling for anything but the very best and this is her masterpiece.

When I picked this book up 10 months ago when I lived in a 700sf house with a tiny garden, now I have 5 acres, more land than I know what to with, and this book has walked me though how to pick and plant vegetables and grains, preserving goods, make soap, and now it has sparked my interest in growing quinoa this season.

Happy Learning.