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April Snow Showers

April showers brings May flowers OR April snow showers brings high greenhouse bills and more spring skiing. To the chagrin of the entire Pacific Northwest, me excluded, the snow has returned above 2,000ft.

Typically waking up in 'the map room', properly named because of the 50's area US school map adorning the wall, is like waking up on the sun with the US embossed on your retinas in topographical oranges, yellows, and greens but today it felt like waking up in a sudsy washing machine.  The snow flakes were as big as white post-its and falling at a terminal velocity of disturbingly slow but when they began to stick I knew it was once again winter. Although this pushes back planting, the pizza oven and the general excitement of farm life in the summer it does extend ski season.

For those interested see you at Mt. Spokane tomorrow about 5:30am.......