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Spring has Sprung - Seeding 2012

Spring could not have come fast enough for this 1/3 lawyer, 1/3 farmer, & 1/3 dreamer. Although the winter saw the tractor only start a handful of times to plow the drive it seemed long, dark, and cold.  I guess long winters are what I have come to expect as a Spokanite who's town mantra is "I live here because I love the four seasons", while in the same breath thinking that of the four seasons, the forth, winter, is the longest.  Well season number one is here to stay, Spring has Sprung, and with it comes the mental cleaning of cobwebs and the daydreaming of seasons to come.

As the days grow longer and the temperatures become bearable it is time to execute the laborious plan of seeding.  One of my favorite presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower, said "plans are nothing, planning is everything" and this year I must say my plan was not bolstered by much planning.  Luckily my neighbors, the Cheney Produce Shamans, have graciously taken me under their wing to show me how they germinate seeds, transplant, and plant their extensive produce empire.

Under this heading, my plan is to catalogue how the 2012 came to be...

2012 Seed Planting Map PDF