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The Salumanati

Practice makes perfect and when it comes to making sausage that practice makes for a smooth day of churning out an exceptional pork product. With the addition of three new faces in the garlic and pork intestine filled trenches of sausage making 2012 I  was worried that our team might have grown too big for the task; I was mistaken. This years crew boasted the addition of a microbrewer who brought some tasty beverages, a self-proclaimed blackhawk pilot and pizza dough guru, and a tiny baby named Teddy who lent his smile and charm to fuel the sausage fire. With this diverse group of pork aficionados coupled with the team from years past 'The Original Gangster', also known as 'O.G.', has become an award winning sausage.  The delight that sparkled in the eyes of each charcutier as the first batch was tasted for quality was something special.  The resounding response was that 2012 marked the best production of O.G. on record.  Who knows how it came to be and who cares, it was a special day for a group of pork loving misfits wanting to carry on a tradition of 'slow food' charcuterie. A toast to the Criscolla, Fazzari, Bloom, and Pontarolo families for bringing this tradition through the generations!!