The greatest virtue of man is perhaps curiosity ~Anatole France~


The Nebraskan 'F' Word

In Ord, Nebraska a man does not claim to be any type of farmer in the presents of a cattle rancher. The word 'farm' is considered the 'f'' word to the Nebraskan cattleman.  I learned this valuable lesson while riding a 16+ hand horse/mule over some of the most beautiful country I have seen in some years. The point of this trip south was to accompany a friend and my brother-in-law to his family ranch for cattle branding.  Seeings as Cheney Farms has a strict 'no face' policy, being on a working cattle ranch broadened my horizons and apprecaition for hard work.  I believe that I will never look at a steak the same.  The work that goes into pairing, sorting, corralling, branding, castrating, vaccinating, and generally caring for a cow/calf is an enjoyable feat as well as all the 'sippin beers' you get to drink at the end. Small Town USA is not dead, in fact it is alive with the salt of the earth folks willing to take a calf hoof to the groin for a few beers and a delicious home cooked meal.  The type of cowboys that can huck an empty keg over a power line after a fair amount of crown royal.  A community who shows up in 90 degree tempuratures with 55% humidity on their day off to help their neighbor. In fact Small Town USA is full of people who care and I am fortunate to have been able to be a part.