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2012 Volleyball Recap

October 1, 2012 marks what is the end to an amazing summer of Wednesday Night Volleyball at Cheney Farms.  Once thought to be an oversized sandbox for inebriated adults or a massive litter box for feral cats, the full size sand volleyball court has now officially be broken in with a record 13 consecutive sunny Wednesday night sessions of heated ball. Captained by one Joe Sacco, my brother-in-law turned team captain, coach, baller, spiritual advisor, and general master of ceremonies, it is without saying he is to thank for this summers' league of championship volleyball.  Once just a brainstorm in passing, Joe executed a weekly email highlighting the 'inclusive not exclusive' mentality of volleyball that brought together legitimate ballers and awkward benchwarmers. As the season progressed the game play improved immensely as the mosquito count dwindled.  With only minor injuries sustained, a black eye, possible hernia, soft tissue shoulder damage, whiplash, abraded feet, barbed wire sightings, and the occasional jammed finger, the season was a success.

A special thanks to the Ricard's for always bringing grub, Corey for the constant supply of good vibes and patriotism, Sara for baby detail and laughter, James for his revealing tankinis, Julius for his dance moves,  and everyone for showing up to get some exercise!!!!

For those who could not make it and those who participated, enjoy the slideshow.  Thanks to everyone who made Wednesday not just another hump day in 2012!

Until Next Year or Possibly a Winter Mosquito be continued...