The greatest virtue of man is perhaps curiosity ~Anatole France~


Saddle Up

photo Every small town needs a great tavern and in my small town that tavern is called the Saddle Inn.  I use the term 'great' arbitrarily because your local dictates what is appropriate.  Take the Saddle Inn for example, the Saddle Inn, which is actually serves liquor, at one point stored the entire selection of booze in a milk crate. That is appropriate at the Saddle Inn, thus  a great tavern.  Ask the barkeep for a whisky, you get a whisky, no choices.  Although that has changed some in the past year or so, maybe two whisky choices, if you took one away no one would know or care.  Again, a great tavern.

When I first sauntered in the Saddle I was amazed at the canned beer selection; Oly, Rainer, Hamms, Busch Light tall cans, you name a canned beer from a bygone era they have it. To compliment the robust canned beer selection, the Saddle Inn has free popcorn, poker night, bingo, line dancing lesson, a legit stripper pole for the 'not so' faint of heart, and an impressive line up of yard games.

So if you are ever in the neighborhood of Four Lake, Washington I recommend you take a moment from the rat race and drop in to see what this great tavern has to offer. If you drop in on a Friday or Saturday you are guaranteed a genuine honky tonk.

I promise that the Saddle Inn's hospitable patrons rival that of Cheers and who knows you might even learn a thing or two on the dance floor!