The greatest virtue of man is perhaps curiosity ~Anatole France~


Slow Food Flip Book

The Slow Food movement was formed in Italy as a grassroots organization to combat the ever growing disconnect between people and their food.  It was a direct attack on the McDonalds being built in the Rome train station in 1986 and a reminder to the Italian people that their culinary and agricultural traditions must be preserved for future generations. Today Slow Food is expansive, present in 150 countries, and striving to educate people of the importance of what they put into their body. Branded by the slow snail, the Slow Food mantra of creating strong 'connections between plate, planet, people and culture'  has morphed beyond its original credo to protect our food system and to encourage a global right to good, nourishing food.

In the wake of the US Supreme Court's massive blunder yesterday in holding for Monsanto in a intellectual property seed saving case I felt it necessary to paint my own picture of Slow Food that no justice can touch and to encourage others to create their own 'slow food' experience.

To me Slow Food is just that, 'slow food' - friends, family, clinking glasses, laughter, conversation, good honest work for a mutual goal - delicious food that tells a story.

Take a moment to enjoy the wonderful photo flip book of the latest 'Slow Food Movement' at Cheney Farms; Sausage making 2013.

*Thank you to Christy Lukes for the wonderful photos and to the entire sausage making crew for continuing the tradition. Bevelo, Bevelo, Bevelo......