The greatest virtue of man is perhaps curiosity ~Anatole France~


3 is the Magic Number

School House Rock made '3' the most famous of all numbers - besides, maybe, 3.14.  Anyone who has seen '3 is a Magic Number' knows this to be true; 3 sides on a triangle, 3 wheels on a tricycle, 3 legs on a tripod... Today Cheney Farms celebrates the number 3 because 3 years ago today I purchased this piece of ground. Looking back I have no reservations about the purchase.  Sure, at times, it has been more than I could handle (alone), too far from town (but not really), a distraction (in the most positive sense) , but I never regret signing on the dotted line (ever).

The Farm, at its worst, has been hard work and at its best has given me a daily reminder of how lucky I am to have such an amazing and unique place to call home.

I never would have imagined that I would own a farm but here I am 3 years later with sweat on my brow and dirt on my hands thinking to myself that life has a way of giving us what we need, if we let it.