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Solstice Wedding

You know you live on a unique piece of land when a couple wants to get married in your backyard. In passing a year or so ago the fiancé of the keeper on my soccer team asked the following question; 'Would you mind if we got married next year under your willow tree and had the reception in your orchard?  I knew that Cheney Farms had at one time hosted a Lavender Festival and a few other gatherings but a wedding was a new venture. Without thinking or even contemplation I agreed.  What is more flattering than having a friend appreciate your home and property so much that they want to use it on the one day that is completely theirs?

So on June 22, 2013 Cheney Farms played host to 200+ guests, a live band (The Rub), and many amazing memories.

Congratulations to Jason and Melissa Denman - Married at Cheney Farms