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Genova Pesto World Championship

Most people aspire to be some sort of champion; a champion skier, soccer player, basketball star etc, but me, I aspire to be a world champion pesto maker. For years I have made pesto from fresh large leaf basil. From small black seeds the basil starts are nourished in the hothouse each March into healthy brilliant green stocks ready for harvest come August. Mostly this green gold is used to garnish pasta, salmon, fresh pizza pie, or chicken. I like to drizzle it upon crostini with mozzarella and tomatoes. And on occasion I will just take out a spoon and eat the pesto like ice cream because there is nothing better than the sweet bitter taste of first cold pressed oil mixed with pine nuts, basil, salt, lemon, and aged parmigiano reggiano.

In my pursuit to find the perfect ratio of pine nut to garlic, basil to oil, salt to fresh lemon juice I came across the Genova Pesto World Championships.

Seeing as the fertile ground of Cheney Farms garnered 5+ gallons worth of fresh basil pesto with much more still in the ground, I think I may have a shot training for the championship in years to come!

Photos from Pesto