The greatest virtue of man is perhaps curiosity ~Anatole France~



Ryan Ricard waking up the neighbors at Clear Lake, Washington. 

I am a desk jockey. I am, generally, "working for the weekend". 

As an attorney, I arrive early in the morning. I do my work, which is similar to studying for finals. I return phone calls and then head home or to one of my other jobs. I like what I do more than I thought I would and I think this is because I have the opportunity to be a professional on my own terms (within reason of course). Wearing many hats helps my ability to stay motivated and to also develop relationships outside of my professional circles. However, the fact of the matter is, I am a lucky guy.  With a devoted crew of people who like to, in the beautiful prose of Ryan Ricard, "do rich guy sports on a poor guy's budget", I always seem to have something active to look forward too and someone to join in the mission. 

In the winter, #dawnpatrol. Each week we meet at 5:30am to cruise up the local ski hill for a tour and turns. Returning to the desk by 8:30am, coffee in hand, ready to switch gears.

In the summer, #waterskiwednesday. Each Wednesday we meet for a quick drive to Clear Lake for soft water turns, double americanos with steamed cream, I know fancy, and a mid week download.

As my Dad is always ranting, in the wise words of Uncle Virgil Criscola, "Variety is the spice of life". 

And that, my friends, is gospel. 

Here is to you #waterskiwednesday............