I am a craftsman. I am a lawyer. I am a skier. I am a writer; sausage maker; welder; canned beer lover; Priest Lake devotee, brother, uncle, and son. 

I am a photographer. I am a planner. I am serious in not taking life too serious. 

I believe people are inherently good. 

I am an adventurer. 

I am a pesto connoisseur.  

I am curious about the natural world and this site is what I have discovered thus far. From skiing year round, to branding cattle, growing tomatoes, encouraging everyone to skinny dip at least once a year, and exploring the world, this site is the looking glass.

I am always looking to fill those free moments with a new project, an outlandish adventure, a research project or an opportunity to learn a new skill or hone a craft. 

Dare Greatly...

Nick Pontarolo 

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